Saturday, August 31, 2013

College Football Teams moving up Movers & Shakers

Ah yes, College Football season is upon us.   As if you needed yet another excuse to drink beer at 9 in the morning.  But yes, the beer is cold, the grill is hot, and college football teams are moving up the Blinkfire Analytics Movers & Shakers page.

For once, the Oregon State Beavers are beating their cross-state rivals, the Oregon Ducks, at least from a followers-gained-percentage perspective.

And B.J. Catalon's 100 Yard return catapult's the TCU Horned Frogs to the highest spot, as far as college football teams go.

You can see which teams and players are gaining in social media every day by taking a look at this page.   Perhaps your team will be next.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tracking Game Day Follower Increases

Ever wonder how your game day efforts correlate with follower increases on social media?  Wondering how putting your official hashtag in your stadium will drive followers when fans show up?

Now you can see it at a glance on the Team Dashboard.

Starting today, Blinkfire Analtyics will now denote match days and game days on our social timeline graphs with a lovely shade of red, and we will start weaving this data into the rest of your analytics as well, so you can further optimize your campaigns.  Check it out now, and look for our special game day email reports, coming soon!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

NCAA Rankings vs Social Rankings

Here at Blinkfire Labs World HQ, we can smell college football in the air – and that’s not just because Matt forgot to clean the company grill after the last tailgate of 2012.

During the season we love to follow the weekly rankings of play on the field, so we thought we’d take a look at how the pre-season polls stack up the teams’ following on the big social networks.

What’s the scoop? Right now, the top-ranked teams are definitely doing well on the social side, but there’s no direct correlation on any network. You can see the full results at our NCAA Football Rankings vs Social Rankings page, which will update automatically throughout the season.


On Twitter, Michigan are the Leaders and Best.  Could this have anything to do with Michigan alumnus and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, whose workmanlike use of the #GoBlue hashtag is already the stuff of social gridiron legend? Uncertain – but we do notice that the Crimson Tide, ranked highest in actual football, lags a bit behind.


How about on Facebook? As of today, the Florida Gators are leading the pack, but there’s Michigan again. And, they all better hope LSU doesn’t start posting to their Page from under the lights at Tiger Stadium - that home field advantage is a killer.


Missing out on a bowl last season seems to have had little effect on Ohio State’s Google+ campaign. The Buckeyes are atop of the Google+ division here at Blinkfire Analytics. Their frequent posting of content shows a two-a-days level of commitment.


We’ll check in later in the season to see how these rankings continue to unfold. Much like the season itself, dramatic turns are sure to shake up the standings.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Blinkfire Analytics: Tracking the Future of Sports Media

The sports media landscape has changed.

It was only a few years ago that the way fans consumed sports news was only through observations and reporting of media outlets.

Today, more and more, fans are engaging directly with the teams, leagues, and players they are passionate about, enabled through social media.

Teams, leagues, and players are professional publishers, producing quality content with their own reporters and production companies, and distributing it through Facebook, Google+, and YouTube, and Twitter.

For teams with global reach, this can be a complicated endeavor, publishing in many languages to as many different countries.  For teams capturing the passion of their local market, engaging personally with their fans is more important than ever.

We created Blinkfire Analytics to help teams, leagues, and players measure, manage, and eventually monetize their social media efforts.  If you work on digital content, web or mobile development, go ahead and log in and see how we can help you generate better ROI from your social efforts, tailored specifically to sports franchises - tying together online and offline campaigns with in-stadium and out-of-stadium campaigns, to measuring your roster reach as an extension of your brand.


If you work in media, reporting, sports blogging, or just want to follow along as a fan - we invite you in too.  Simply log into Blinkfire Analytics with your social media account and register for our daily insights. Follow a few teams you are passionate about.

Stay tuned here for product updates and special features that highlight the use of social media in sports.  Game on!