Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do you know where your Most Valuable Followers (MVFs™) Are?

Is your team going on a summer tour throughout Asia and it’s your job to know who the biggest influencers are you might meet in each city?   Do you want to know if your new center fielder from South America is drawing a big following back home?  Maybe you are just wondering if your ticket promotion is going to reach the right audience.

Don’t worry, we are here to help!   

Teams who have claimed their profile on Blinkfire Analtyics already know we calculate their top 10,000 Most Valuable Followers (MVFs™) every week based on their general social media activity and interactions with your team - but now, we’re also analyzing these MVFs to tell you where they are.

We now provide you with a map and table view of where your MVFs are grouped by city and country, and of course still tell you who they are.

Whether your franchise has been a global powerhouse for years, or you are a local market leader just getting started in social media - we think you will be surprised where your most influential followers on social media are and how much social media has opened up the world for your passionate fan base.

So if you haven’t already, find your team at Blinkfire Analytics and claim the account (if you don’t want to use the official team account, that’s okay - just contact us and let us know who you are and what Twitter account you are using) and we will start to generate these stats for you.

Happy mapping!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Search for Top Players in Sports Social Media


Okay, this post won’t be quite as punny as our usual penning.  Sometimes we like to keep it short and sweet, and just get back to the business of generating meaningful stats.

Anyhoo, this is a quick note to point out that you can now search for the top players in our system from any of our search boxes.  Go ahead and try it out now.

We know what you’ll ask next…when are all players going to be in there?  Soon, soon. For now, please visit you favorite player’s team and click on the Roster link.

Monday, November 4, 2013

¡Hola! , Olá! and Leaderboards are back

In case you missed our last post, we’ve been doing a few design changes here and about, but whenever you move things around, you are bound to misplace something.   In this case, our leaderboards for all our leagues might have been a tad hard to find.

But never fear, the design elves have been working overtime, and now we’ve put them right there on the right rail of our Trending Today page.

While Jingle and Elfie were at it, overachievers that they are, they also went ahead and added the Mexican Liga MX league

and the Campeonato Brasileiro league to the teams and leagues Blinkfire Analytics is tracking.

So please explore your favorite teams and players in these leagues, and let us know which leagues and sports you’d like to see added in our workshop next.