Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Now Supported: multiple social media accounts for rights holders

Since day one with our offerings for brands and sponsors, we have supported tracking multiple social for every brand.  As we have begun to work with more and more large rights holders, especially in European soccer, we've realized the need to also support multiple Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for these teams.

We have supported the tracking of these for quite some time, we have just now brought this to our user interface, so that brands, agencies, and the teams and leagues themselves can get a more "global" picture of sponsor engagement and valuation.

Although we aren't 100% done with this, you will see these changes start rolling out to the platform as of today.  Some data will also fill in over the next few days.

For instance, if you are tracking Atletico Madrid, you might notice they have separate Twitter accounts for Spanish and English.

multiple social handles in follower graphs

You can now see separate follower graphs for each of these accounts, and the posts at the bottom will now include content sourced from these social accounts.  If you have license that allows you to see brand engagement and sponsorship valuation, this information will now appear for these separate posts as well.

In addition, our leaderboards will now include the rollup of these accounts by social media channel, as you can now see on our Champions League leaderboard, for example.

multiple social handles in leaderboards
You see which is which if you mouse over the number:

We hope you find this update to be helpful, whether you use Blinkfire Analytics to track and value your own content, the content you sponsor, or the market in general.  There's still a lot to do with this, and we will be adding even more ways to track and separate this data, which is in many cases geographical and language based, in the near future.

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Gotta get back in time

Ok, with the 30th year anniversary of Back to the Future coming up soon, and a hopeful impending reunion coming soon that will put Michael J. Fox back in the DeLorean, we're all singing that annoyingly catchy "Back In Time" song by Huey Lewis & The News.  Admit it, you know are!  And did he mean get back "in time for something" or "back in time" as in time travel?   The tricky double entendre.

Anyway, we know you occasionally want to go back in time with our simple follower dashboards, so now you can do that, free for any logged in user.

Simply go to any one of our channel graph charts and adjust the date, up to a 1 year range and you can see where the spikes have been "back in time":

Going "back in time" with AC Milan

The last 3 months of PGA

Go ahead, try it!