Friday, March 11, 2016

Save and share your favorite social posts with our new Playlists feature!

Recently, while visiting one of our customers, we observed them using Blinkfire Analytics, and the user, a VP of Marketing at a large brand said "This is amazing, I just wish I could save off a bunch of examples and send them around our organization to share!".

We loved the idea, so we put it into action swiftly!  Introducing playlists.  Well, you've probably used playlists before on your favorite music service, but now you can use them in much the same way on Blinkfire.

As you are browsing around looking at results, you can now place your cursor over the plus symbol on one of our social post cards from any social network, and add them to a new or existing playlist.  Take for example this playlist made up with some of the most valuable posts featuring Coca-Cola. Or this other playlist formed by some of the most valuable baseball posts of 2015.

You can then access your playlists from the sidebar and share them to other people in your organization (or really to whomever you want) where they can make a copy and save them off.

We are really glad we got this idea from one of our customers, and we've found playlists to be quite useful ourselves.  As you start to use this feature and come up with some inventive uses, please send them to us!

Monday, March 7, 2016

The FA Women's Super League: a league of their own

A few weeks ago we announced that the Primera División Femenina was now being covered by Blinkfire Analytics. Today we are glad to do the same with the first division of the Football Association Women's Super League, better known as FA WSL.

Founded in 2010, nine clubs take part in this league, among them the women's teams of top clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester City. Their presence, and that of their sponsors, led brands like Nike, Vauxhall or Continental to support a league that has a a strong social following.

The ugly truth is that women's sports currently do not get the same attention from traditional media as men's sports. However, digital media is leveling the playing field, as consumer choice has democratized content, especially in social media.

The astute sponsors are aware that many WSL players have tens of thousands of social followers and drive a huge amount exposure that brands shouldn't ignore.  And because many female athletes interact directly with their followers, engagement is high as well.

Toni Duggan, for instance, is starting to generate some significant exposure for Nike, Etihad, and Aabar (Man City's sponsors), as well as Vauxhall (England National Team sponsor).

From now on these teams and players will be able to track the engagement they are getting for brands on their social media updates, such as this image shared by Arsenal player Jordan Nobbs which got exposure for Continental:

We have been working hard to add social data for all FA WSL teams and players and we will keep adding data in the next few days. If you have any question or want to give us some feedback, please let us know!