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Pardon our dust…we’re remodeling

You might notice we’ve been doing a little bit of remodeling around Blinkfire Analytics, especially if you’ve visited our home page recently.   When you land on our homepage, signed out, you can now see much more about what we are up to at Blinkfire, and our mission to reinvent social media analytics for the visual web.

Just for fun, you can also visit our about page, to find out more about us, and dig in to see more about our specific product offerings.

In addition, you might notice that things are getting a little flatter around here.  Day by day, we’re moving to a flatter, more visually appealing design.

It’s subtle, but it will be moving in more and more each day.

So that’s it.   Keep looking for more and more changes every day.  

We’ll also detail some new features in the next few days.

Written by Alexis Prousis - September 13, 2014 - 857 Views

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