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Why Sports Agents Must Master Social Media

You must have noticed it by now. As dawn begins on Game Day at stadiums around the world, the previous night’s excitement for what’s to come builds on social media feeds. Then come the tailgate Instagram selfies, team promotional photos shared on Facebook, the players’ tweets of determination and the scores of retweets and shares supporting those digital voices.

That last one is where agents must seek potential growth. The formula is simple. Just hear us good folks at Blinkfire out.

Fans constantly monitor their favorite athletes and teams. Take a bus ride and you’ll see at least half the people staring down at their smartphones, scrolling through personalized news and updates.

Athletes, for their part, need a strategy to maximize their brand and influence via social and digital media. They must harness their follower base to maximize their short- and long-term financial opportunities. Obviously, a player with 248k followers looks better to a potential sponsor than another athlete with 67 likes. But the players don’t need to concern themselves with this. It’s you, the agent, who’s actually maintaining control over your client’s public persona.

Now I said it was simple. Well, it’s as simple as Blinkfire’s Agent Dashboard. You can track your player’s social channels, determine which content drives the most engagement, and sort your client’s Most Valuable Followers (MVFs™)  by location to demonstrate geographic reach — all on one site.

The analysis you acquire from our dashboard plays a vital role in pitching your client to sponsors. Hard numbers influence decision makers when they determine whether your client’s image is the most valuable. And that’s value as in dollar signs.

But to get there, you need to develop a proactive strategy. With our analytics, Blinkfire opens the door to a more systematic approach of valuing your client’s potential. The more followers and engagement the player has, the more compensation should be sought from potential brand partners.

The fact of the matter is, every professional agent needs to be on board. Today’s best marketers recognize the demand for a well-oiled social media strategy. The inability to advise and craft marketing plans utilizing social media to a distinguishable extent will keep inexperienced agents away from long-term relationships with high-profile (read: lucrative) clients.

Our Agent Dashboard will help you retain clients and clinch endorsement deals. Leverage Blinkfire’s data to maximize every financial opportunity that comes your way.

Visit our site today to take a test drive into the future of client management.

Written by Alexis Prousis - November 7, 2014 - 831 Views

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