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We’ve Got Twitter’s Curator Made Especially For Sports Social Media

Twitter recently announced the launch of Curator, a new tool able to piece collections together based on keywords, hashtags and filters. Sound familiar? To those of us at Blinkfire Analytics, it sure did. Months ago we highlighted our own collections tool right here on this blog, and we demonstrated its utility during the San Francisco Giants’ run up to their World Series Championship.
We’ve partnered with Twitter to create our own auto-curated collections tool and masterfully chronicle professional sporting events. While the (still-not-publicly-available) Curator draws in major media outlets and allows them to track current trends in politics and entertainment, we appeal to publishers and professionals within the sports media space. Given special access to the same APIs as Curator, our tool—available this very second—is sure to make an impression.

First off, our tool gives you the gift of simplicity. Social media is excessively occupying time we used to have, and that’s why we offer three one-click collection presets. You don’t need to worry about inputting all the Twitter handles and hashtags, because we’ve done the legwork for you.

In fact, our unique collection tool allows us to pull tweets from your team’s main account and its roster. That’s right. Because Blinkfire Analytics is backed up with data on all current teams, leagues and athletes, we can easily create a collection distinguished by all the content your team or league is sharing at the click of a button.
FC Barcelona used our tool during El Clásico, its epic rivalry match against Real Madrid, which draws an average 400 million viewers worldwide. The La Liga team created a collection around the hashtag #classicFCB and displayed it on their main page during the game.
Oh  and we’ve got filters, too. We’ll leave out those potentially sensitive tweets as always, and due to our international clientele, we speak whatever language you do. Our language filter narrows down your collections to Tweets you can share with certain audiences, broadening your targeted marketing and social media capabilities. We say this because if it wasn’t obvious already, you can take the collections we provide and put them on your website. Last but definitely not least, there’s a nifty feature similar to our Most Valuable Follower™ map that will automatically curate tweets based on location. This means you can aggregate all the hype and tailgate action from around your stadium or arena. We know, pretty amazing. 
As mentioned above, Blinkfire Analytics’ tool is up and running right now. So go ahead, step into our office. As the Giants proved, we’ll show you how to be champions.
Written by Alexis Prousis - February 16, 2015 - 793 Views

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