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Making a Case for ROI Online: Blinkfire Analytics at HashtagSports’ #SportsConf

Last week, Hashtag Sports hosted #SportsConf, an online video conference featuring leaders and innovators from the tech, gaming, sports and media world. We at Blinkfire Analytics joined the more than 80 professional speakers (because we’re kind of a big deal) and talked about startups, technology, sports sponsorships and how brands and athletes are reacting to the social nature of media. Here’s a quick recap of what went down.
In a panel last Wednesday, our co-founder Steve Olechowski spoke about how startups (like us!) can engage and work together with sports teams, leagues and brands to mutually benefit both parties. Moderated by Tom Richardson, the CEO and founder of Talent League, Steve and other startup professionals explained the process of how to link up and find a partner at the right time. Many times it’s not going to fall into place and you won’t meet each other in the middle at the exact moment. That’s where effective relationship-building and nurturing of that connection come in. As Steve explains, if potential partners know your product and keep you at the top of their heads, when they do find a need for a particular product, they know whom to contact. It’s a product-market need that’s fulfilled when you’re polite and maintain interest (like us).

If you do a good job with one team, everyone else hears about it, explains Ben Davis, CEO and co-founder of Phizzle. And how do you get that one team hooked? Steve delivers the homerun: you need teams and leagues to think about how spending on you is going to increase their net cash flow. Are they going to make more money working with you? We know that you will when working with us.
The next day, Jeff Mirmelstein and Mike Bolden on our sales team spoke about sports sponsorship with Octagon’s Will Yoder. After discussing what athletes and brands are each looking for in a partnership with the other, Will gives a shoutout to us (and how ingenious we are) by crediting Blinkfire Analytics’ unique ability to track brand engagement numbers.

Will sums it up best: “The future of how people interact with brands is online.” And that’s where we come in. Jeff explains the convergence of traditional marketing and advertising platforms and how those are activating across social media when fans post and share pictures and videos. And as you should already know, how we can track where and when offline sponsorships manifest themselves online. We have the ability to measure and quantify it. Will believes this is very powerful. And so should you.

See the full-length videos here to convince yourself, if you’re not on board already. And while you’re at it, you should explore your options with us at Blinkfire Analytics and see if the timing is right to partner with a startup (aka us) and enhance your sports sponsorships. Like how we combined that?

Written by Alexis Prousis - February 25, 2015 - 967 Views

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