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Our Brand Leaderboard, Now With More Gusto

Here at the Blinkfire Analytics brewery, our brewmasters are always busy brewing new features here and there into the platform that are dramatically helping you, our customers, understand and solve problems with optimizing your sponsorship sales if you are a rights-holder or return on investment if you are a sponsor.  We don’t always talk about these little improvements, but these improvements to our Brand Leaderboard have been requested by many for a while now, so here they are:

1) You can now search a specific day for the number of engagements a brand received from rights-holders and their social community on a specific date.  For instance if you wanted to look for engagements just for specific days after the Champions League Final, you can now do that.

In fact, doing so can bring to light how important it is to track performance, not just the day before, during, and after an event, but even up to a week after the event, as it takes time for posts to fan out to followers who then engage with the posts.

2) You can now link directly to these results.   For example, if you wanted to track the last seven days of engagement in Hockey for the Stanley Cup Final, you can do that and now share it easily with a link such as:

3) Finally, if you just wanted to find out which beer sponsors are getting the most engagement, you can do that too, now with more accuracy.  Here for instance were the most engaged with beer brands on May 30, 2015:
Please keep the feedback coming.  We’re listening, and Go for the Gusto, or don’t go at all!
Written by Alexis Prousis - June 13, 2015 - 832 Views

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