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The Week In Review: Branded Social Posts That Rocked

The Week In Review: Branded Social Posts That Rocked

Authenticity is so important when posting on social media – especially when promoting brand sponsors and partnerships. As a team, league, or athlete you want to make sure your posts are not only engaging, but also subtle in their commercial feel and messaging.

At Blinkfire, we comb through thousands upon thousands of social media posts every day from such sports as football, soccer, hockey, basketball, and tennis. Needless to say we’ve come across our fair share of good (and bad) examples of posts that garner engagement, value, and awareness for brand sponsors.

Below are a some awesome examples of branded social posts from the past week. A couple of things to notice:

  1. Brands aren’t the focal point – they complement the creative
  2. Developing the right creative around the right brand sponsor makes all the difference (Example: Pittsburgh Penguins and Coors Light Peak Performance; Oklahoma City Thunder and Budweiser)
  3. Athletes’ jerseys are passive ads – utilizing creative that doesn’t cover up brand logos is key
  4. Action shots, action shots, action shots. A dasher board, stanchion, or digital ad in the background of an action shot is understated, unobtrusive, and engaging.

Basketball Social Media Posts


Soccer, Tennis, Hockey Social Media Posts


Soccer and Football Social Media Posts

Written by Alexis Prousis - November 17, 2017 - 1026 Views

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