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Blinkfire Analytics Reporting API: Integrate with Google Data Studio
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Blinkfire Analytics Reporting API: Integrate with Google Data Studio

In April we launched the Blinkfire Reporting API, enabling our customers to connect business intelligence tools or their own data warehouse to the Blinkfire Analytics platform. Since then we’ve included a handful more BI platforms. With the API, data scientists and members of BI teams access Blinkfire’s real-time data and insights.

As more digital marketing teams adopt Blinkfire Analytics as a way to measure social media sponsorship exposure for their partners, the greater their need has become for an easy and efficient way to present the whole digital ecosystem. Today, social media or web analytics only tells part of the digital story. So, teams are wanting ways to show social/digital ad data in an all-in-one solution — from aggregating owned and earned digital media values from Blinkfire to paid media on their website.

Due to the digital ad landscape plus recent customer API feedback and suggestions, we’ve added the Blinkfire Analytics Google Data Studio Connector to provide an additional outlet for BI departments to integrate our data into a powerful data visualization tool. By adding another widely-used BI platform like Google Data Studio to our available platforms (Tableau, Qlik Sense, Power BI, and Domo), we continue to evolve how our customers consume and use our data to drive better business decisions.

Google Data Studio is capable of merging, joining, or blending (a term dependent on the BI platform you’ve chosen) data from multiple sources. As more customers increasingly want data from not only Blinkfire Analytics, but also such ad and analytics platforms as YouTube Analytics, Google Analytics, and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) in one place to report, Google Data Studio offers a seamless way to aggregate, measure, and optimize performance.

Below you’ll see Google Data Studio in action. Utilizing the Blinkfire Analytics API Connector, fill in a few fields and you’ll have access to add, update, and blend our data in Google Data Studio with different platforms.

Google Data Studio

If you’re interested in learning more about Google Data Studio, contact your Customer Success Manager or fill out this form to request access to the Blinkfire Reporting API.

Written by Alexis Prousis - December 19, 2018 - 1313 Views

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