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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics Part 2: Report Linking
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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics Part 2: Report Linking

Multiple dashboards help customers segment data based on the information they care most about. But, we knew we could make the dashboards even more robust and user-friendly. So there’s now report linking. 

Report Linking – A Seamless Experience

What’s report linking? Report linking makes Blinkfire data even more connected throughout the platform.

There are two ways reporting linking works.

1. Click to a detailed report from any dashboard widget

Individual KPI widgets link back to the actual Blinkfire Report. For example, NBA Official Partners dashboard would have each official partner’s widget link back to the sponsorship report. A Kia widget for engagements would like to the Kia sponsorship page. 

From the Blinkfire Dashboard to Blinkfire Report
Let’s see report linking in action: the NBA Instagram Engagement widget leads to the NBA’s Daily Engagement Report – Instagram. 

NBA Engagement Widget


2. Create a dashboard widget from any report

Widgets aren’t just for the dashboard. Via Sponsorship, Fan Insights, Daily Engagement, and Media Kit, you can create a widget to add to any dashboard.

The NBA Fan Insights report allows a user to create a widget from the report. From here, you can then link the specific widget to whichever dashboard you’d like. 

NBA Fan Insights Report

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Written by Alexis Prousis - August 14, 2020 - 1152 Views

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