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The Sponsorship Dashboard: Track Your Brand Engagement

When we write, it’s normally to announce something fresh and innovative or to convince you of all the great work we do at Blinkfire Analytics. Well, this time around isn’t any different.

Today, we’d like to formally introduce our Sponsorship Dashboard. We know this added feature will prove a vital tool for both teams and brands when crunching the numbers and building a following in the social sphere. How exactly? It allows teams to monitor just how often their sponsorships are activating outside the stadium in a team’s social media feeds, this provides hard data to sponsors allowing them to calculate how much ROI they are receiving from a sponsorship. Once again: How exactly?

The dashboard collects data on four of the main social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. We use our own nifty brand spotting technology to isolate where logos appear in photos shared across all channels, and also keep count of how many mentions or featured brand hashtags appear in posts. So yes, we’ve got your precious investment covered in pictures and text. The page will display engagement over the last 30 days and has two tabs to toggle between. The first, Team Scoreboard, will provide information on only the official team accounts’ posts, while the Roster Scoreboard displays data from all the players’ social accounts — and their fans’.

That last bit is a big deal. It’s one thing for your team to promote your brand, but when support spreads into the team’s followers and starts popping up on the average sports fan’s social feeds, your sponsorship has reached a new level. Our technology lets you visualize where your marketing strategy is effective and where it can expand its reach.

As you should know by now, we’ve still got some tricks up our sleeve. The dashboard can also show you your team’s and roster’s engagement with other brands. That includes your direct competitors. Whether it’s a logo sprawled across an opponent’s jersey in your team’s photo, or a crowd shot with some off-brand merchandise in the mix, we will ensure you stay on top of all your owned media to drown out the competition’s noise. That’s why official partnerships exist after all.

In accordance, Blinkfire Analytics would like to enter into an official partnership with you, too. We provide the tools to gain a deeper insight into how sponsorships activate in social media. Visit us today to explore how we can help your sponsorship reach its full potential.

Written by Alexis Prousis - December 5, 2014 - 1022 Views

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