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Content Search is now available!

You know we love announcing new features, especially when they are as useful as the one we are unveiling today: our new Content Search feature. This used to be an internal tool for our engineering corps, but we realized that it could be extremely useful for our customers to find branded content, especially visual content in images and video – so after showing it to many of you, we’ve made a few tweaks here and there, and made it generally available under the “Explore Blinkfire” link on your sidebar.

You can find the new search feature here. By default you will just get a bar where you can search for athletes, brands, leagues… and combinations of all those elements. For instance, if we search for “Messi Adidas” we will get results where both Leo Messi and Adidas have had any interaction through mentions, hashtags, visual mentions, geolocation and text mentions. If you are not logged in you will only get the first 10 results (hint, hint – so if you aren’t logged in, log in!).

If you have acquired a Blinkfire license you will be able to use the “Advanced Search” link to get many additional search and filtering options. That means you can search for keywords and also filter the results by content type (if it includes images, videos or just text), by author type (posts from players, brands, teams, media companies or leagues) or even by sports.

This Advanced Search allows users to filter results by date, by specific author, by social channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or by the brands that appear in them, among other possibilities.

Let’s say we want to get the Instagram pics shared by Arsenal in October that interact with Emirates Airlines and we want to sort them by their social engagement. You would just need to set up the search options as showed in the image below:

Apart from these options, you can also select if you want to get the results displayed as social cards or as a table.

Social cards view
Table view

Useful and simple, right? If you want to know how this new Advanced Search and the rest of features offered by Blinkfire can help your team or brand, just get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Written by Alexis Prousis - November 6, 2015 - 809 Views

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