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Announcing Our Newest Feature— the Scene Value Report!
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Announcing Our Newest Feature— the Scene Value Report!

We’re excited to announce our latest feature at Blinkfire— the Scene Value Report!

We saw many teams using our playlists feature to separate these posts into content bundles, such as a “Training” playlist, a “Starting Lineup” playlist, or “Birthday post” playlist. While separating these posts manually usually means using teams of consultants, hard work, and lots and lots of waiting, we here at Blinkfire are a big fan of automation.

With that, we used our AI skills to create a feature that has been months in the making. We’re very excited to finally be able to bring you the Scene Value Report! We’ve already been syndicating all content from every major league for some time now, and we’ve been able to train our system on most of the highly requested scenes used by our customers.

As you can see, the scene value report is pretty easy to find. Simply navigate to the reports tab of your dashboard, and select Scene Value Report. This gives us all content valuation, separated into buckets based on different types of posts.

Ok, that’s great. But how can you tell whether what you’ve been doing for content stacks up to everyone else, or what scenes other teams are using that you could be selling as well?  Never fear, the Scene Value Report is here. Let’s say you want to see all Birthday post content from everyone else. Simply click on others, then “Birthday”, then “Average”:

You can even select individual channels like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to get more individualized results. As you can see, our tool allows you to see any type of post from any competitor, all in one place.

Now say you want to see how your “Starting Lineup” posts are doing versus everyone else doing starting lineup posts. Simply click “compare” to see where you measure up, and scroll down to see which posts you’re winning at (bold) and which ones you should work on.

What if you want to drill down and see everyone who is doing startup lineup posts? Well, that’s easy too. Now you can compare yourself graphically as well.

This type of technology is now being used by many of the largest rights-holders in the world to drive publishing decisions, but we’re the only ones to do it in real time.

By giving our customers these tools to succeed, we at Blinkfire aim to help them strike that delicate balance of driving digital exposure for their sponsors but also create content their audience will love!  We’re all about making your job easier and eliminating the need to do things that traditionally require long hours and a lot of clicking, especially with artificial intelligence techniques. After all, a human can categorize an image every few seconds, but a team of computers can do the same thing with thousands of images per second.  It’s no contest.

We’ll be rolling this out first to our existing global soccer / football customers, and then following with other major sports one by one. As always, we will be constantly adding more scenes, continuously improving features, and helping you save time and increase revenue.

We hope you love the Scene Value Report as much as we do! As we discover more types of content for our customers, we will be adding new categories and training our AI system to automatically recognize these categories. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Written by Alexis Prousis - August 22, 2017 - 1737 Views

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