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How Does Your Brand Measure the ROI of a Sports Sponsorship?

This year US corporations will increase sponsorship spending by 4.3% over last year’s $19.8 billion to $20.3 billion, according to the latest sponsorship report from IEG. 
If you’re a marketer managing sponsorship investments for a brand could you effectively compute the ROI of this channel investment?  What data would you need to understand the brand lift generated by exposures and engagements in digital and social channels? 
Lucky for you, and also lucky for us – though it isn’t really luck, our crack staff of analytics and computer vision experts has been hard at work this summer building the technology to track brand logos and engagements in your partners’ social channels. 
We track your brands sponsorships in social
Your brand sponsorship logo is appearing in the stadium and in your partners’ digital feeds. For example during the playoffs the SF Giants shared a great moment with Tony Bennett and the Visa sponsorship is captured in the background.

Blinkfire tracks these events and the green box around the Visa logo signals our software is tracking your additional brand exposures outside the stadium. Once brands are able to track sponsorship exposures inside and outside the stadium they can build the framework to optimize sponsorship investments.
Analyze sponsorship data to optimize channel spend

Cost Per Reach is a great tool to gauge the effectiveness of a brand’s sponsorships, it measures the number of people exposed to the sponsorship in person and through media such at TV, Digital and Social.  This data can then be used to create an index of the most effective sponsorships based upon Cost Per Reach and other metrics such as demographics to optimize sponsorship spend.

This is just one of the ways companies can use Blinkfire data to analyze their sports sponsorships. Brands and teams can access this data on our website, just log in with your Twitter account and get started today.

Written by Alexis Prousis - October 17, 2014 - 743 Views

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