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Ten insurance companies sponsored sports teams. What happened next will shock you.

Made you look. Yes, we popped our announcement of our new Advertiser Leaderboard into the Upworthy headline machine, and that’s what popped out. We’re a tricky bunch here at Blinkfire Analytics, we must admit.

But the point is, we’re writing today to announce the availability of the Blinkfire Analytics Brand Leaderboard, which we are using to show you how we process brand engagements with fans in real time.

This list is sorted by how much engagement each brand received across all the social channels that we track. We count mentions, hashtags, and our own unique variable, visual mentions. What exactly is a visual mention? We’re glad you asked. We use our proprietary brand-spotting technology to identify and quantify brand logos across the visual web. This means our data includes social media reach that goes beyond text to what draws the most eyes images.

From a logo sprawled across a jersey to your brand name seemingly inconspicuous, but ever present, in the background of a victorious embrace on home turf, our green box technology will ensnare every logo we have in our arsenal. If you decide to hop on board today, we can get this process underway for your brand today. On this same page you’ll be able to view the top posts from all social channels, based on each post’s level of engagement.

What makes this tool even more incredible is the ability to filter according to your needs. Are you one of those ten insurance companies mentioned in our headline, but actually want to know how your competitors are doing in this area? That’s a non-issue. Simply click to filter by category, and you’ll see who’s coming out on top. Other filters allow you to narrow or expand the time frame and sort by sport. We update the rankings daily.

Please go ahead, poke around, explore and when you realize this is something your sponsorship team won’t be able to live without, contact us. We’re already waiting for that pop-up notification.

Written by Alexis Prousis - February 18, 2015 - 900 Views

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