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Now Available: Claim Your Profile with Facebook

If you haven’t tried logging into Blinkfire Analytics recently — probably because your Twitter account is perpetually open on your browser — we’ve got some news. Now you can sign in and claim your profile using Facebook.

So if you don’t have a Twitter account (although you should), now you can access all of our data by signing into the site using your Facebook account. The added benefits? If you manage a team or league account and are looking for some hard numbers and data visualization behind your social reach, we can provide statistics for your targeted posts.

That fancy term means the posts that are not in your public feed because they are Geo-tagged or language targeted — the ones you’ll leave unnoticed in your social strategy and analysis without our help. Facebook tries to tell you these posts are not for you. When really, you’d be missing insights and information that your fans and followers are sharing publicly. We’ll ensure they all get to you. Because when it comes to drilling down on social media data, we think you deserve (and want) all of it.

As before, if you can’t log in using your team’s, player’s or league’s official Facebook account, you can set up an account with us using another profile and tell us which entities you own. Then, we grant you access. Voila. Keep in mind though, by not registering with the official account, you won’t get the stats on targeted posts.

What if you already have an account set up? Not to worry. We encourage you to connect with both Facebook and Twitter. That way you’ll get the extra analysis of targeted posts and still have everything you love about our site. To do this, make sure you’re already logged in with Twitter, go to your settings page and add the Facebook account.

The possibilities are endless; the results, real. Claim your profile today to track your engagement across the social and visual web.
Written by Alexis Prousis - March 20, 2015 - 811 Views

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