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New feature! Compare teams, players or leagues

Most of us shy away from comparisons, but the truth is that comparing ourselves with our competitors can have very positive effects. Not only can it motivate us to improve, but also gives us a better understanding of our shortcomings and strengths.

Most of our customers know this and so one of the most commonly requested tools to add to our arsenal is the ability to compare the social presence and earned media valuations of teams, leagues, and athletes in an easily digestible format.

With that in mind we have launched our new comparison tool, which will allow our customers to do exactly that! Select any two entities and you will get a table showing the data of each entity and the differences between them.  We think this is intuitive and easy, and so will you.

To dive in a little deeper, the table divides the information into several sections, starting with the online presence of the compared entities: their number of followers, their audience growth data and the number of social channels they have. This data can be seen in a general way or by social channel.

The next section of the comparison table is the posting strategy, which tells us how the athletes, teams or leagues are sharing content on social channels: how many posts they do per channel and how much time passes between posts.

Next up: engagement metrics, which tells us about the interaction between entities and their social audience. Once again, you can see this information by channel or as a total figure, and you can also know the daily and hourly engagement. Further down the table you will also get the average engagement by post, image, video, etc.

Of course, sponsors are not forgotten in these comparisons. Our valuation metrics tell us how much value the teams and leagues generate for brands on their social channels plus their daily and hourly valuation and their average valuation per follower and per post. This information has never been available anywhere in our toolset before…so, bonus!

And this is just the beginning! We will continue to add more stats and interesting data to our comparisons in the future. Contact us if you want to know more!

Written by Alexis Prousis - February 4, 2016 - 932 Views

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