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Track the exposure your partners get from media companies and influencers

It’s not the first time we have mentioned the importance of media companies in the sports sponsorship landscape. While it’s true that this importance was much bigger before the age of Internet and social media, we can’t forget that media companies have millions of followers on their social channels and that they post a lot of visual content every day.

The Branded Media Exposure dashboard, our newest feature, is intended to track the social visibility brands receive from the social channels of both media companies and online influencers.

This dashboard uses as a sample the last 100 relevant posts, and it is divided in three sections. The first one offers teams information about the media companies that have generated exposure for their sponsors, plus the value of that exposure.

Then we show which brands have received that social visibility and how much it was worth. Finally, there’s a table with information regarding those 100 posts (the original content, the engagement they received, how much it was worth, etc.).

This information is vital for rights holders. It shows that the online exposure their sponsors receive from media companies is a direct consequence of their sponsorship deals, something that needs to be taken into account for future negotiations.

Written by Alexis Prousis - July 20, 2016 - 909 Views

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