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The San Francisco Giants Won Big On the Field and In Social During Game One of the World Series

After the World Series opener yesterday, fans across the web searched social media for highlights, replays and reactions. In the process, the San Francisco Giants gained nearly 2,500 new Twitter followers along with their exclamatory victory over the Kansas City Royals.

But it isn’t just their knack for documenting baseball in 140 characters or less that puts San Francisco ahead of other teams online currently claiming the fourth biggest following in the MLB, compared to the Royals’ 16th ranking. It’s how they build an easy-to-follow timeline of hand-picked tweets from the day’s action.

Their third World Series in five years, the Giants understand the best way to reach fans and potential followers is organization. San Francisco selected the best tweets from players and fans throughout the playoffs and ordered them into a unique timeline using Twitter’s Collections tool. Why bother?

With collections, which launched last November, custom timelines offer teams a chance to control and curate an unbelievable moment. Take, for example, Travis Ishikawa’s walk-off homerun to clinch the NLDS.

After Ishikawa’s swing reclaimed the pennant, the Giants’ follower base jumped by more than 3,000. In just one instant, San Francisco’s follower growth almost doubled the increase from the three previous three days combined.

Collections take fandom to the next level. And makes it so easy, too. All you have to do is select a source, like a hashtag, apply a filter or use Blinkfire’s presets, and users will have access to a particular event (may I propose, the World Series?) without needing to scroll through a sea of posts on the team feed. Your most loyal fans (maybe even some on our Most Valuable Followers list) will find it even easier to use our one-click top tweets collection and have access to a page dedicated to just a single game or series. Our handiwork gets them what they want faster, without any hassle, while you document the story in the way you want to tell it.

Now you know they’re easy to create but get this they’re even easier to share. Unique URLs and the ability to embed these collections into your website and tweet them out to your followers make you the closing pitcher: Which tweets will you throw toward your eager fans in the batter’s box? And after the bottom of the ninth the game isn’t over. Because connections live on past their set events, these unique feeds serve as archives to the past. So Ishikawa’s homer will live on forever.

If exceptional fans inspire a team to perform well, we could draw the probably-not-so-logical conclusion that the Giants made it to the World Series springing off their broad support base and social media savvy. Whatever the case, the real question is: Why hasn’t your team gotten on board yet? Get started today, and let us at Blinkfire guide you to the big leagues.
Written by Alexis Prousis - October 22, 2014 - 693 Views

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