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Use Blinkfire to track your social media campaigns
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Use Blinkfire to track your social media campaigns

On October 17 Liverpool FC and Manchester United, two historical Premier League clubs, clashed at Anfield stadium. That highly anticipated game was used to raise awareness about avoidable blindness through Seeing is Believing, an organization created by Liverpool’s main sponsor, Standard Chartered. During the match, Liverpool wore a special home shirt emblazoned with the Seeing is Believing logo.

One of the many, many things we can do at Blinkfire Analytics is to track a social media marketing campaign through our brand detection capabilities. Liverpool and Standard Chartered’s joint charitable initiative offered a perfect opportunity to gather interesting data and examples, so we tracked the activation of that logo on social channels during the game and the days before and after the event. Our goal was to measure and value the social exposure obtained by Seeing is Believing through this particular marketing action.

From October 14 to 24, Seeing is Believing obtained over 841,000 engagements in 218 social posts, valued in more than £313,000 (approximately $383,000 or €350,000). Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were the main social plataforms where this engagement was received. Just on Instagram the campaign got social exposure valued in £256,000 ($314,000 or €287,000).

And no, we didn’t just track the visibility received by that logo on the content created by Liverpool FC and their players, but on every entity in our system. In fact, the posts that garnered a higher engagement and value came from the official channels of Manchester United and the Premier League.

Predictably, October 17, the day of the game, was the one that drove the highest engagement: 555,363 among 122 social posts. The next day, the 18th, the Seeing is Believing logo appeared in 59 posts and got 261,308 social engagements. This means that 97% of the total engagements received by Seeing is Believing were generated in just 48 hours.

Our campaign tracking tool offers all this detailed information and allows users to move from general data to the specific social posts. It’s a thorough yet intuitive way of tracking visual activations on social media to share them with your colleagues or sponsorship partners. The best part of it all? You get all this data in real time. Do you want more information? Just contact us.

Written by Alexis Prousis - October 27, 2016 - 1279 Views

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