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Now you can filter our Blinkfire Index ranking by sport
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Now you can filter our Blinkfire Index ranking by sport

Several months ago we introduced our Blinkfire Index, the score we give every athlete in our system depending on their social influence and activity. On each player page users can see a badge with that player’s score and there is also a ranking showing who are the 100 athletes with the highest score.

That ranking shows athletes from all sports, but now we have added a little sports selector at the top. This means that now you can filter the results and get the 100 top tennis players or football players according to their Blinkfire Index.

Keep in mind that these lists only include those athletes that we already have in our system. There are some sports (let’s say Futsal or Kitesurfing) with incomplete data because at the moment we are only tracking certain competitions or even specific athletes.

Written by Alexis Prousis - October 21, 2016 - 948 Views

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