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Remember our Comparison Tool? It’s even better now!

Not long ago we introduced  our new comparison tool, which allowed our customers to compare the social presence and earned media valuations of sports entities. Back then we told you that we had some awesome ideas for this feature and the first one has already been implemented: now you can compare up to four teams, players or leagues at the same time.

That means that you can now compare, for example, the four semi-finalists of the UEFA Champions League (Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, FC Bayern München and Manchester City). We can then see that Real Madrid, with over 165 million followers is the most popular of the four teams when it comes to social media.

Remember that this tool can also show you how sports entities are sharing content online, what engagement are they getting from their posts, and how much value they generate for brands on their social channels. In short, a very useful and thorough tool that makes a fine addition to our analytics suite. Do you want to know more about the kind of data you can get from Blinkfire? Just get in touch.

Written by Alexis Prousis - April 25, 2016 - 778 Views

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