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Which brands get the most visual mentions? Some cumulative data.

We’ve been at this for a few years now, and although if you are a licensed user you can dig around in our data through either Custom Reports (what we used to call Search) or your own reports, we often get asked why we don’t do more “researchy” industry reports for the community at large.  The short answer is we’re a software platform, not a research company, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to dig around large amounts of data and feed some snippets to everyone now and again.
So all of the numbers below are cumulative since we have been collecting data, though we are always adding data from rights holders and brands over time, so all comparisons are not quite apples to apples.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about these numbers is that a very high percentage of our visual detections are not accompanied by a textual mention or a hashtag. We not only detect the brand on images and videos posted online, but we’re also able to give a value to that social exposure.
Let’s start with the global table, which takes into account all visual detections regardless of sport. As you can see, Adidas, Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways are the brands with the most detections:
If we start with the sports breakdown and focus on soccer, we can see that most of the brands were also part of the global list. Adidas is, once again, the brand with the most detections (134,000). The German apparel brand is followed by Emirates Airlines, main sponsor of top soccer teams like Real Madrid, AC Milan or PSG. Puma, Qatar Airways and Nike complete the top 5:
We continue this review with basketball, but Adidas still remains on top. Second position belongs to the NBA brand and the third spot goes to Liga Endesa, the top basketball competition in Spain. In this ranking we can see Turkish Airlines, main sponsor of the Euroleague, or Kia Motors, probably the most important sponsor of the NBA.
We move on to football, where we can see brands like Under Armour, Verizon, Bose or Bud Light, join a list with more usual brands like Nike, Adidas and Emirates. In this case the NFL itself is the brand with the most visual detections (16,271):
Let’s wrap it up with hockey, where Adidas is not part of the top ten brands. The number one spot this time belongs to Reebok (which is part of the Adidas Group though), the apparel brand that works exclusively with the NHL. In this list we can also see some top automotive brands like Toyota or Lexus:
As we said at the beginning of this post, the most important thing about these numbers is that all these visual detections are really hard to track for both brands and right holders. Until now the tracking was done manually and using past information.
Our brand detection technology identifies those logos nearly in real time, and then we aggregate the information about engagement and valuation so our customers can export reports any time they want, saving a lot of time and work. Do you want to know more about our brand detection technology and our instant reports? Just whistle!
Written by Alexis Prousis - August 26, 2016 - 1008 Views

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