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Combined Demographics Are Here: Know Your Followers From Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Even Better
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Combined Demographics Are Here: Know Your Followers From Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Even Better

The focus on social demographics — from where followers reside to what their interests are — has taken on a whole new meaning, as the push for more personalized marketing and ad targeting takes center stage. Rights holders (be it sports teams, leagues, and players) see the immense value in knowing who their fans are — by who attends games to who follows them on social media.

Blinkfire now offers combined social media demographics data — making our platform an all-one-solution for all your sponsorship and social analytics needs. Combined social data is an aggregate of demographics data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   

Want to know what your follower ecosystem looks like from the big three social media platforms? No problem. Followers from Facebook and Instagram are broken down by language, gender, age and country. Followers from Twitter are broken down by language, interests, gender, age, country, and top cities. Combined follower data is broken down by language, gender, age, and country.

Only licensed users who own the social media entity will be able to view demographic  information from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here’s a peak at what the data looks like on our platform:

blinkfire team demographics data


These audience snapshots will help rights holders as partnerships and sales work with new and current sponsors, marketing fine tunes social media content, messaging, and ad targeting, and analytics dials in on the anatomy of a team or player’s fan / follower.

If you’re a customer and want more info on Demographics, contact Customer Success today. Not a customer? Email us to learn about how awesome Blinkfire is.

Written by Alexis Prousis - February 21, 2018 - 1843 Views

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