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New to Sponsorship Reports: Media Exposure
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New to Sponsorship Reports: Media Exposure

As the smartphone becomes everyone’s “first screen” to watch, follow, and stay up-to-date on sporting events, the social handles of media companies like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, theScoreBleacher Report and 433 are where many sports enthusiasts go to get recaps — before, during, and after the live action. From key match ups to thirty-second highlight reels and from plays of the game to player stats and score graphics, media companies’ social channels give fans the content they are looking for.

And, it’s no secret that social media and digital are the fastest growing medium and one of the best ways for not only teams and players, but also media companies and publishers to drive exposure for teams’ sponsors.

Recently, as more NBA highlights hit House of Highlights and as Bleacher Report consistently posted about Liverpool star Mo Salah, customers saw how impactful media companies’ social channels were in driving exposure, engagements, and value for teams’ official sponsors.

A team’s owned and operated social channels are no longer the only way to drive exposure; hello ESPN’s more than 150 million followers (across ESPN, Sports Center, ESPN Deportes, etc.) or 433’s more than 16 million Instagram followers to assist. With hundreds of millions of eyeballs in followers, media companies cast a wide net which in turn can generate huge engagement and valuation numbers — often times far exceeding the sponsorship exposure teams generate from their owned and operated channels.

So, we built the perfect solution in Sponsorship Reports: a Media tab. Sponsorship Reports now breaks out brand exposure based on Team, Players, and Media. In a few simple clicks using a customizable date range, you can view the exposure a team’s sponsors received from media companies during the selected time frame.

Here’s an example of Sponsorship Reports’ Media tab at work for the Golden State Warriors from the start of the postseason on April 12, 2018 through June 10, 2018.  Media companies’ posts related to the Warriors where any of their official sponsors were recognized by either a brand logo, @mention, hashtag, or Facebook Branded Content appear on this page. You can go deeper by brand to see the types of interactions as well as view the actual posts.
Sponsorship Report: Media Exposure

Want to know the earned media value your team’s jersey patch sponsor received in a House of Highlights post from the night before? Trying to find media exposure for Real Madrid‘s kit sponsor Emirates Airlines after Gareth Bale‘s epic wheelhouse kick in the Champions League Final? Look no further than the Media tab in Sponsorship Reports.

Take a look at some great examples of media exposure for teams’ sponsors in videos and images:

Written by Alexis Prousis - June 11, 2018 - 1320 Views

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