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Announcing: AI driven asset reports
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Announcing: AI driven asset reports

Although you continue to read reports in the press that artificial intelligence will someday bring with it the downfall of civilization, we continue to think AI is a useful way to sort through hundreds of millions of social media posts, categorizing sponsorship data much faster than any cadre of humans could ever do.  We aren’t scared.

Like we already do in scene value reports, where we use AI to answer the question “which types of content posts such as birthdays or lineups generate the most value for my sponsors?” – we are excited to launch the first rollout of asset reports – which answer the question “on which physical assets displayed in images and video are we generating the most value for our sponsors?

As is often the case, a picture is worth 1000 words. Since I am tired of writing, here are four pictures:


As you can see above in these cases, we are not only detecting and valuing the logo exposure, but also categorizing on which assets the logos appear – in these examples on soccer balls, helmets, baseball caps, or the motorcycle.

This allows us to generate some interesting real time reports.  As where our Sponsorship page defaults to having posts grouped by Sponsor, selecting the Assets button will regroup your posts by Asset, and show you at glance, or in detail, the assets on which you are driving the most value for your sponsors.


In the details, you can see each asset, the number of times a logo is found in the selected time period, and the engagement and value driven.


As in all our reports, you can drill down into details by platform.


And last but not least, our data is live and audit-able, showing transparently and exactly how your reports are derived on a post by post basis.


Asset reports are being gradually deployed across sports and leagues on a customer priority basis, and our asset categories will get more and more granular on a daily basis as our artificial intelligence categorizes more and more.  Blinkfire is not self aware, yet – but we’re getting there!

If asset reports are interesting to you – please contact us or talk to your account manager to get into our beta program for this feature.

Written by Steve Olechowski - October 3, 2017 - 2103 Views

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