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Tire Marks: From the Roads to Social

Tire Marks: From the Roads to Social

As social and digital media continues to evolve, some of you may wonder how Blinkfire never tires, continually handles the pressure, and doesn’t lose tread, as we stay on top of the best trends across sports, media, and entertainment. If the three tire puns have yet to make things clear, we’ve been noticing that tire manufacturers are making their mark in the sponsorship ecosystem.

When most of us think of a tire company sponsorship, we think of racing — Nascar, Formula E, Formula 1. However, if you follow an EPL club or NBA team on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, chances are you’re seeing brands like Yokohama, Continental, and Goodyear on an adboard or jersey. Brands evolve and tailor their sponsorship strategies to attract more viewership and reach new audiences, which means content that can be consumed via a smartphone is a huge advantage.  

Using data from Blinkfire Analytics’ “Brand Leaderboard”,  these are the top tire companies that earned exposure over the past 30 days.

As illustrated above, Yokohama has a substantial leg up on the rest of the field, receiving a majority of their exposure from Chelsea and the Premier League. Here are some examples: 

chelsea soccer player

chelsea soccer coach holding jersey


Pirelli and Nexen Tire wheel in (haha) in second and third place, driving significant exposure from a front of jersey partnership with Inter Milan and sleeve partnership with Manchester City. Goodyear, Apollo, and Hankook round out the top eight on almost equal footing.

Tire brands have developed a marketing strategy centered around sponsoring some of the world’s biggest rights holders. Buying tires may not be on a consumer’s mind until it needs to be — think a flat tire or replacing weathered wheels. While tires are very much a non-endemic brand in the sports of soccer and basketball, the partnerships make sense. Through smart marketing, sponsorship and social media activations, tire manufacturers aren’t just looking to take the same old lap around the track. Landing premier partnerships in the non-racing world gives tire brands entry into new marketplaces and effectively ignites brand awareness.

Written by Daniel Rogalski - August 29, 2019 - 1433 Views

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