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Sports Take A Timeout, But Social Media Stays In The Game: Part 1
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Sports Take A Timeout, But Social Media Stays In The Game: Part 1

As the sports world is at a standstill for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, teams, leagues, athletes, and brands are entering a “new normal”. With the postponement of sporting events like the French Open and The Masters to regular seasons spanning from the EPL, LaLiga, the NBA, and the NHL, social media is one bright spot.

No live TV sports coverage means social media content can continue to forge ahead. Content teams are dealt a unique hand, but they have numerous ways to be engaging and thoughtful, while still driving exposure for brands.

The Blinkfire team has scrolled through timeline feeds the last few days, finding some of the most innovative and creative posts in sports that are using evergreen content, player stats, throwbacks, and more to continue to engage with their fans.


1. Match Simulation

No match, no problem. Create your own match journey posting in-game action content like line-up and goals graphics.

For background: Last weekend CD Leganés simulated the entire match they were scheduled to play against Real Valladolid. Not only did CD Leganés live-tweet the game, but they also presented line-up, goal, and post-match press conference graphics. Not surprisingly, CD Leganés won!

2. FIFA Matches

Recreate games using your team’s esports players.

CD Mirandés’ games may be on hiatus, but the team’s esports action continues. They created FIFA matches using members of their esports club with a set time for “kickoff.”

3. Esports Love

Include more content related to your esports teams — the way Levante UD and Villarreal CF highlighted their club’s players. Or take a page out of the Phoenix Suns’ social media playbook and playout the regular season on NBA2K, streamed on Twitch.

4. Player Stats

Share the best stats of your players — current or retired.

5. Player Favorites: Movies, TV Series, & Songs

Show fans what some of their favorites players are watching and listening to during this downtime. You can even create and share playlists on Spotify with a player’s music recommendations.

6. Best Moments in Club History

Share some of your team’s most memorable wins, goals, and more with your fans and followers. 

7. ‘On This Day’

Everybody loves nostalgia. Share top moments or throwbacks of an athlete, team, or league.

8. Sports Trivia

How well do your fans know your players’ and team’s history? Use pictures of players, games, and more to quiz them!


Written by Paula Toledo - March 19, 2020 - 1669 Views

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