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More updates for Multiple Social Handles

Last week, we announced the availability of multiple social handles for rights holders.  We told you we would continue to roll out updates supporting this change, and we don’t like to be liars, so here are two of said changes!

First, in this example from Bayern Munich, who has 4 Twitter handles for German, English, Spanish, and US – we now breakdown growth on aggregate, and handle by handle.   The inner circle shows the aggregate growth, and the outer circle breaks it down.

Inner circle: aggregate growth by channel

Outer circle: breakdown by handle

But that’s not all!   Yes, secondly, the bar chart showing audience growth by time period has been updated with stacked bar charts, so we can now see how total twitter followers across handles “stacks” up to Facebook and Instagram, for instance. See what we did there?

Stacked Bar Charts
Plenty more to come and we will update you here as we are rolling out new improvements every day.
Written by Alexis Prousis - August 12, 2015 - 721 Views

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