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Sports Take A Timeout, But Social Media Stays In The Game: Part 4
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Sports Take A Timeout, But Social Media Stays In The Game: Part 4

As the sports world is at a standstill for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, teams, leagues, athletes, and brands are entering a “new normal”. With the postponement of sporting events like the French Open and The Masters to regular seasons spanning from the EPL, LaLiga, the NBA, and the NHL, social media is one bright spot – as we highlighted in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of our blog series.

No live TV sports coverage means social media content can continue to forge ahead. Content teams are dealt a unique hand, but they have numerous ways to be engaging and thoughtful, while still driving exposure for brands.

The Blinkfire team has scrolled through timeline feeds the last few days, finding some of the most innovative and creative posts in sports that are using podcasts, quizzes, games, “train from home”, and more to continue to engage with their fans.

1. Do You Remember This Game?

Post a memorable photo from a historical game and encourage your fans to guess the game, matchup, and the year.


2. Historic Games

Broadcast a team or league’s most historic, memorable games. Throughout the game post digital assets as if the competition was happening in real-time (game preview, score graphic, goal graphics, and more).


3. FIFA Trophy

Bring together players from different teams to compete against one another in an epic FIFA tournament for fans to stream.


4. Kids Content

Share interactive and educational information and material for younger fans to keep them entertained.


5. Solidarity Calls

Connect with fans — old and young — during these uncertain times to let them know you appreciate their support and they are not a lone. Create community!



6. Game Previews When There Are No Games

While competition is on hold, game preview posts are all but obsolete (for the time being at least). That doesn’t mean teams aren’t using this digital asset in a new and innovative way. No game to preview? That’s OK. Create a clear message of unity and togetherness for your fans, club, and community.


7. Athletes’ Daily Routines

Besides training, what else are athletes doing while they are at home? Fans will love to get an inside look. Many teams and athletes also accompany their posts with the hashtag #StayAtHome.


8. Wash Your Hands To A Song

Remind your fans, in a fun, playful way, that they need to wash their hands! One trend we’re seeing is adding a team’s song to the wash your hands graphic.

Written by Alexis Prousis - March 30, 2020 - 1578 Views

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