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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics: Custom Entity Groups & Channel Groups
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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics: Custom Entity Groups & Channel Groups

We’re all about allowing our users to further customize the Blinkfire platform for their needs, while also making reporting as efficient and seamless as possible. With that in mind, let’s focus on two recent new features: Custom Entity Groups & Channel Groups.

Custom Entity Groups – Global Ranking

As we’ve talked about before, Global Ranking compares social media metrics across teams, leagues, and more. It’s a great, quick tool to use. But, the ability to create custom entity groups was a missing piece. The NBA may have 30 teams, but most teams will compare themselves against 5-6 teams, usually based on a similar social media presence/number of followers. Additionally, looking at the sports teams in a specific city, state, or region can be valuable for numerous reasons – prospecting, benchmarking, brand partnerships.

Custom entity groups give users the power to create as many groups as they want to compare teams, leagues, federations, etc.

Let’s take a look at how things work.

The Chicago Bulls are looking at opportunities to work with a few local brands. Using Custom Entity Groups, they can compare their social media metrics across other professional teams in the Chicagoland area. Here are the eight professional teams in the Chicagoland, ordered by total engagement.

Global Ranking Chicago teams

Entity Groups – Follower Analysis

Using custom entity groups, you can also analyze followers as well as Blinkfire-specific metrics that include Follower Score, Influencer Score, Activity Score, and Blinkfire Index.


Custom Entity Groups - Followers

Channel Groups

With Channel Groups, you can create, save, and report on a subset of channels for a specific entity. If the Chicago Bulls want to track just their Instagram “chicagobulls” channel, they would create a Channel Group.

This tool is great for entities, large and small, who are looking to generate Fan Insights or Media Kit reports for some of their entity’s channels. With both of these reports, users can choose a Channel Group they’ve created and receive segmented data. Below is the Chicago Bulls’ Fan Insights report, filtered down to their main Instagram account.


Learn more about the latest and greatest new features and product launches from the Blinkfire Analytics Team. 

Written by Alexis Prousis - August 3, 2020 - 1087 Views

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