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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics: Playlist Stats & Archived Playlist Folder
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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics: Playlist Stats & Archived Playlist Folder

Four years ago we introduced playlists to the Blinkfire platform. We found that many of our customers were looking to create “lists of specific posts”, similar to the way we create “music playlists” for working out, studying, or road trips. Customers wanted playlists for such things as game days, training, or brand X exposure on a specific platform.

Since playlists’ inception, we’ve rolled out numerous enhancements from making playlists collaborative (fully accessible to team members to work on one playlist) to creating the ability to export playlist data.

Today, we’ve added two new features to playlists (with the great work of our team plus customers – who provide invaluable feedback!) — Playlist Stats and Archived Playlist Folder.

Playlist Stats

Data is a 24/7 game, and we’re all busy. In order to make playlists more accessible and user-friendly to the different teams who use them (think partnerships, social media, content, and BI), we added a snapshot view of important stats. Now, customers have the ability to quickly report summary-level KPIs without having to export the playlist. Summary-level metrics include: total and averages for engagement and valuation plus video views (estimated), and impressions (estimated).

Playlist Stats Blinkfire Anlaytics

Video views and impressions appear as “estimated” for non-owned and operated entities. Owned and operated entities who have signed into Blinkfire will have access to their properties’ actual video views and impressions. 

Archived Playlist Folder

No longer using certain playlists, but don’t want to delete them? No, problem. We’ve added the ability to add playlists to an archived folder. It’s an easy way to keep playlists you want to use in your My Playlists folder and ones you want to save in the Archived folder. We’re all about efficiency and ease of use!


Written by Alexis Prousis - July 7, 2020 - 857 Views

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