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Come try out our new user interface!
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Come try out our new user interface!

 For the last two years we have worked very hard to improve our platform and offer our customers useful tools in their day-to-day tasks. Over time we came to realize that we needed to reinvent our user interface and navigation flow to better suit the need of our most important users, all of you.

Starting right about now (the funk soul brother), all our users can enjoy our new and improved UI, although for some time you will also be able to switch back to the old one from your Settings dashboard. Our new interface represents a significant visual enhancement, yes, but it also brings together and simplifies the access to our different sections by dividing them into just five menu items: My Content, Search, Discovery, Active Entities and Reports.

My Content leads you to the sections directly related to the organizations who you work with. For example, your account settings, the entities you own, your playlists, campaigns and eventsSearch, as you can probably imagine, offers the possibility of searching for entities (leagues, teams, players, brands…) inside our platform.

The third menu item, Discovery, contains all those tools that are intended to discover new content or data, like our Brand Leaderboard, the Top + Trends section, our Compare Tool, or the Blinkfire Index™.

Active Entities shows content related to the entity that you are working with at that particular moment. When that entity is a team you can go to its page on Blinkfire, see its roster, its venue or its MVFs™. If it’s not a team but a league, you can see which teams are taking part in it or who its most popular players are.

Last, but absotively posolutely not least, Reports. The magnum opus of Blinkfire’s tools, which we have already written about at length in previous posts:

At the bottom left corner of the screen you can see an icon to expand or collapse the sidebar, plus you’ll get direct access to our blog’s latest posts at the top of the screen.
As we always do when launching new features, we promise to improve it in the next few weeks. We have tested it thoroughly, but let us know if you find something that doesn’t work the way it should or if you have any suggestion to improve it.
Written by Alexis Prousis - December 1, 2016 - 1239 Views

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