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Blinkfire Analytics Twitter Insights & Promoted Post Data
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Blinkfire Analytics Twitter Insights & Promoted Post Data

This week CrowdTangle announced they will no longer offer Twitter insights through the main CrowdTangle dashboard. 

The social monitoring platform notified partners and users that starting September 29, 2019, CrowdTangle for Twitter integration will be deprecated.

Need to continue tracking your team, player, league on Twitter and want greater insights? Blinkfire Analytics has you covered.

Blinkfire Analytics provides robust Twitter insights brought in by our developer agreement with Twitter. These insights are activated upon proper sign in and credentials through our platform. Since Twitter insights is private data, we keep it that way — so it’s only accessible to licensed users that have access to the team’s owned and operated social channels.

By integrating with Twitter directly Blinkfire Analytics offers such insights as:

  • Impressionszlatan interview
  • Hashtag clicks
  • Link Clicks
  • Media Expands
  • Detail Expands
  • User Profile Clicks
  • Audience Retention (Video)
  • Paid Impressions
  • Paid Video Views

blinkfire analytics reporting columnsThese insights are accessible in multiple places in our platform and can be included as data columns when exporting or scheduling a report.

The additional insights Blinkfire Analytics brings into the platform from not only Twitter, but also Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, allows users to better evaluate, monitor, and report on the data that matters most to their organization and their brand partners. As we move beyond likes and views, such metrics as total time watched and audience retention play a key role in summary-level reporting as well as marketing-related initiatives like content strategy and content creation.

When teams, leagues, and brands partner with Blinkfire Analytics, they access a platform that enables members of an organization’s multiple departments (think sales, partnerships, marketing, digital) to work together to grow sponsorship value across social media, Advanced TV (formerly OTT), and web, generate better marketing content, and use social media insights to tell the full reporting story.

If you’ve been affected by CrowdTangle’s Twitter deprecation, please contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with the data and insights needed to grow, report, and create opportunities.

Written by Alexis Prousis - August 2, 2019 - 1784 Views

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