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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics: Blinkfire Flares & Collaborative Dashboards
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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics: Blinkfire Flares & Collaborative Dashboards

Back in April, we launched the Blinkfire Dashboard and then over the summer, we introduced multiple dashboards and report linking features. Pretty cool, right? 

This week, we’ve made dashboards shareable and collaborative. What’s the point in having great data if others join in on all the fun. Blinkfire Flares are shareable dashboards. And, if you’re wondering, our flares are better than these flairs (hint 1: “We need to talk about your flairs, Joanna”; hint 2: Everyone’s favorite “office” movie).

Blinkfire Dashboard that is shareable and collaborative

Share a Flare

There are two types of Blinkfire Flares — Snapshot and Dynamic — that can be shared.

  1. Snapshot: Share a snapshot of a specific dashboard, during a point in time. This dashboard does not update in real-time.
    Camera with a snowflake
  2. Dynamic: Share a specific dashboard that updates in real-time.
    Camera with a fire flame

Who can I share a Flare with?

There are plenty of use cases to share your Flares. Here’s a few examples.


  • Brand Partner: You’ve created a brand dashboard for a sponsor that covers specific KPIs over the past 14 days. The brand just received a bunch of exposure over a 2-week period, so you want to share that data. Take a Snapshot and send it along. The Snapshot covers the 2-week period, and stands as a point in time.


  • Leadership (Social Team Example): You’re the Blinkfire power user on your team, but want to share insights with your head of social which covers your team’s social channel engagements over a 7-day period. Share a Dynamic Flare. This Flare will update in real-time, so each week your boss can get high level data points.

Collaborative Dashboards

There’s more to the dashboards than flares though. It’s great to share, but we also like to build together. That’s why we’ve made dashboards collaborative.

Blinkfire Analytics Collaborative Dashboard

If you’re a Blinkfire superuser, you probably associate the word “collaborative” with playlists. This new dashboard feature works the same way. Make a dashboard collaborative, so you and team members can work on the same dashboard together.

Why would I make a dashboard collaborative?

You’ve created a super in depth dashboard that covers Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter based on engagement, impressions, followers, valuation, total followers, and top posts. To save time for the rest of your team, you want to share it with them, so they can also have it as one of their 10 dashboards.

Follow Flares and Collaborative Dashboards

Monitor and edit the flares you’ve shared and the dashboards you’ve made collaborative. We’ve given our Blinkfire users a number of options making sure they have the power to share insights throughout their organization or with brand partners.

Blinkfire Shared Flares and Dashboards


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Written by Alexis Prousis - November 6, 2020 - 671 Views

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