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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics: Customizable Dashboard
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What’s New at Blinkfire Analytics: Customizable Dashboard

Drum roll, please. Introducing Blinkfire‘s customizable dashboard, built to track the insights that matter most. Our team’s been hard at work collecting feedback from customers then envisioning, iterating, and building the best dashboard possible.

We know teams, leagues, athletes, and more care 24/7 about sports, social media, and data analytics. That’s why we built the Blinkfire Dashboard, a customizable, user-friendly page that captures data and trends in real-time.

By adding to or editing your dashboard, a user creates the view that best fits his/her interests and needs.

Here’s a look at what’s inside:

  • All-in-one dashboard displaying social media metrics that will empower you to create, benchmark, and grow faster
  • Add widgets to track KPIs, including engagement, valuation, impressions, posts, and followers (by network or specific channel)
  • Review top posts based on engagement, valuation or impressions (by network or specific channel)
  • Snapshot view of sponsorship exposure from brand partners over the past seven or 14 days

But, wait, there’s more.

Let’s test drive the dashboard.

We built out a dashboard that includes engagement, valuation, and brand-specific sponsorship exposure for the NBA, Champions League, and Premier League. Now, let’s add the Premier League’s missing valuation widget to make the dashboard complete (for now at least!).

Blinkfire Analytics Dashboard

Voila. There you have it. In a matter of seconds the dashboard is built – with the option to always add or remove widgets.

So, what’s in a Widget? We’re glad you asked.

One widget offers many different views of data. Besides metrics from the NBA for engagement, valuation, impressions, post count, and followers, you can also add specific brand exposure. Pretty cool, right? The below widget takes things a step further and shows the NBA’s exposure to Tissot based on the different KPI Trends or Top Posts data points.

Blinkfire Analytics Dashboard


Why is this important? 

The power of Blinkfire’s platform is limitless. And, the social, digital, and OTT data we have on teams, leagues, athletes, brands, and more creates immense value. With our new dashboard in place, users have a snapshot of not only their teams’ top posts or total engagements, but also public data that could range from other teams in a league to teams within a respective city or region. Build the dashboard that empowers you to create compelling and data-driven stories.

Already a Blinkfire customer? Great. Connect with our Customer Success team to learn all the ins and outs of the dashboard. Not a customer, but looking to take your data to the next level, connect with us today!

Written by Alexis Prousis - April 30, 2020 - 1083 Views

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